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Birth tissue is the richest known source of both blood-forming stem cells and mesenchymal cells from tissue.  Birth is a unique opportunity to preserve these miraculous building blocks of the body.

Why Store?

Affordable peace of mind.

The advances in life-changing stem cell therapies are exciting and inspiring. Most of the breakthroughs described in the news use stem cells from blood, or mesenchymal stem cells from tissues. Stem cells have unparalleled potential. Research suggests that mesenchymal stem cells like those found in cord tissue will soon be used to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs.

CellSure processes placental blood and tissue together to combine the powers of blood and tissue stem cells into one product, available to use if the need arises. For $1,499 first-year, and $199 for annual storage starting the second year, you will have access to your valuable stem cells.


  • Your child’s stem cells from placental blood and tissue will be cryopreserved to sustain their viability for years to come.
  • You will have immediate access to your child’s stem cells should the need arise.
  • Your child’s stem cells can be used by your child and first- or second-generation blood relative.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing your stem cells can help treat many medical conditions in your family.

The Model

When the placental tissue and blood are successfully cryopreserved, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be issued. The COA is your peace of mind that your child’s stem cells are healthy.

Every mother that participates in the CellSure program is also a donor. The umbilical cord is processed and donated to help others. There are three potential applications for donated tissue:

  • Placed into a biorepository in case they are needed for a patient in the future.


  • Used by scientists for research and development of new treatment options.


  • Distributed to medical companies for current cell and tissue therapies for treatment.


Fully complete the qualification process through our online enrollment. For those who choose to store, you will be charged a $99 non-refundable deposit.

Approximately 60-days before your due date, a CellSure collection kit will be delivered to you. The CellSure collection kit includes step-by-step instructions for your healthcare provider and all necessary supplies for collection. 

NOTE: If you are enrolling and have <60-days before your due date, please contact CellSure Customer Service so we can expedite sending your collection kit to you.

After your delivery, the birth tissue is packaged in the kit. Call CellSure to arrange kit picked up so it can be delivered to CellSure. CellSure’s contracted laboratory will conduct a comprehensive set of testing to ensure your birth tissue is healthy and viable.

NOTE: It is not uncommon for tissue to become contaminated during the birthing process. Typically, births are not performed in a sterile environment, and birth tissue is often exposed to microorganisms. If your tissue fails the initial laboratory tests, we consider it medically unsafe to use. You will be notified and then the tissue will be discarded.

If the birth tissue successfully passes lab testing it will be processed and cryopreserved. Approximately 4-6 weeks after your baby’s birth, you will be notified that your Certificate of Analysis (COA) has been posted to your CellSure account where you can logon and download it. Upon verification of storage, you will be charged the remaining first year balance of $1,400.

Starting the second year, on the anniversary of your cryopreservation date, you will be charged an annual storage fee of $199.

Cellsure Process


If you’re considering storing, here’s what we want you to know, believe, feel, and do:


Storing gives you peace of mind. Your child’s stem cells from placental blood and tissue will be cryopreserved to sustain viability for many years to come.


Should the need arise, your child’s stem cells can be used by your child and any first or second-generation blood relative.


You will have the future security and peace of mind knowing your child’s stem cells can help treat many medical conditions in your family.


To determine if you qualify, complete the comprehensive online eligibility process. To comply with quality and safety standards, the eligibility criteria are stringent.