The process for expectant mothers to store or donate birth stem cells.

We invite you to choose the option that’s best for you and your baby. Whether you choose to store or donate, every mother who participates must comply with CellSure’s eligibility requirements. Take the eligibility questionnaire to determine if you’re qualified to participate in CellSure’s programs.

1) Enroll

To determine if you qualify, complete the comprehensive online eligibility questionnaire. To comply with quality and safety standards, the eligibility criteria are stringent.

2) Connect

To create an ideal experience, a CellSure Representative will be assigned as your personal point of contact to answer any questions you may have.

3) Receive Kit

Once you complete your enrollment, your collection kit will be shipped to your home. You will need to take the kit with you when you go to the facility where you will give birth.

4) Give Birth

Your kit contains everything your maternity provider team will need to collect your birthing tissue. Following your delivery, contact us and we will arrange for a medical courier to collect your kit.

5) Give Hope

Your birth tissue stem cells will be tested in our laboratory. If you choose to store, we’ll let you know your stem cell count and viability before cryopreserving.

Download the Path of Hope