Know, Believe, Feel, Do.
As the benefits of stem cells continue to rise, providers may be looked upon as a resource to educate parents on their options regarding stem cell storage and donation. CellSure gives expectant mothers the choice to store or donate their baby’s birth tissue stem cells
Physician Patient
Know Cellsure offers turnkey programs for donation and storage of birth tissue They have a choice regarding what happens to their birth tissue
Believe Empowering patients with the choice to donate or store birth tissue is the right thing to do They can make a gift to benefit others (either donate to research or store for their baby)
Feel Cellsure is a credible partner and represents the hope and vision for medical research It’s best to either donate or store (birth tissue should not be discarded as medical waste)
Do Meet with Cellsure to discuss the possibilities of partnering together Make a conscious and informed decision to either donate or store their birth tissue
Stem cells have unparalleled potential


Research suggests mesenchymal stem cells like those found in cord tissue may be used to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs. The placenta and umbilical cord are the richest known source of both blood-forming stem cells and mesenchymal cells from tissue.

Affordable and Easy

Birth is a unique opportunity to preserve these miraculous building blocks of the body. Rather than discarding the placenta as medical waste, CellSure offers affordable storage and donation options. Our mission is to empower expectant mothers to make an informed decision about their baby’s birth tissue stem cells. In the past, cord blood storage has not been affordable for most families, and collection has been cumbersome for healthcare providers. CellSure makes the process affordable and easy.

Unique Process

CellSure processes placental blood and tissue together to combine the powers of blood and tissue stem cells into one product, available to use if the need arises. It’s something expectant mothers can easily afford and will pay a fraction of what typical cord blood banks charge to store just cord blood.

Store or Donate

If the birth mother choses to donate, it’s free and there are no financial obligations. We’ve made the process for you as a provider easy. It’s as simple as placing the birthing tissue into a bag and sealing it. We treat each donation as a priceless gift of love and hope. We treat each storage with the care and expertise as if it were our own.

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