Frequently Asked Questions
What are stem cells?
The blood and tissue in the placenta and umbilical cord contain millions of stem cells that are the building blocks of our bodies. They are able to help with healing, recovery and treatments to help restore the body and save lives. They create new blood and tissue cells in a person’s body when injected/transplanted. They have the potential to help treat many diseases such as diabetes, stroke, autism and ALS.
What are birthing tissue stem cells used for?
Stem cells that come from the placenta and umbilical cord are currently being used to help treat 80+ diseases. As more research and clinical studies are completed there will be many more ways these stem cells are used.
Why should I donate my child’s newborn stem cells?
Donating your child’s newborn stem cells is an incredible way to begin their lives. They will become a hero the day they are born by helping to save and enhance lives. Your donation will also contribute to the ongoing research to develop new treatment options. This donation will only take minutes following delivery and is completely pain and risk free to both mother and child.
How can birthing tissue stem cells be used in the future?
There are many ways birthing tissue stem cells will be used now and in the future. There are currently 80 diseases being treated and many clinical studies being done to help more treatment options be available in the future.
Is CellSure a private or public bank?
CellSure is both private and public. Private banks store stem cells for family use and will be available to them immediately when they are needed. Public banks help patients in need through stem cell donations.
Where will my child’s stem cells be stored, and for how long?
Your child’s stem cells will be cryopreserved in our FDA registered CellSure lab. Your stem cells will be stored as long as you choose to continue storing them. Birthing tissue stem cells have been found to be just as viable after 25 years as they are the day your child is born. There is no expiration date as long as your stem cells are properly stored.
Can I delay cord clamping and still collect my child’s birthing tissue?
Yes. Delayed cord clamping will not drastically impact the cell count in the placenta and umbilical cord.
Is CellSure an accredited lab?
Yes. CellSure has an FDA registered lab.
How do I go about using my child’s birthing tissue for any illness?
Should the need arise, CellSure will work with your physician to make arrangements for confirmatory testing, release, and transportation of your baby’s stem cells to a designated hospital.
Why didn't my doctor talk to me about birthing tissue options?
Crowded waiting rooms and busy physicians are all too common in today’s medical world. In this environment, birthing tissue option information is seldom a priority for physicians. Many may not be well-versed in the benefits of storing/donating for preservation and research. You may not receive any information from your physician regarding birthing tissue preservation, or only an informational brochure. It is up to you to educate yourself, and to be proactive with your physician should you have any questions or concerns.
How does CellSure ensure the confidentiality of my personal information?
CellSure takes confidentiality seriously. Because of the sensitive nature of families’ medical information, all CellSure employees sign confidentiality agreements. The collection and use of your personal information is governed by our privacy policy.