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Donation Process

February 20, 2022

Natalie von Elm, QA Manager

I want to donate my birth tissue, now what? 


Have you ever wondered what happens to your placenta and umbilical cord after birth? 


Birthing tissue is rich with many healing properties derived from stem cells and membranes. These miraculous stem cells and membranes can be used for research and aid individuals with life-debilitating disorders. Unfortunately, most birthing tissue is discarded as biohazard waste at the hospital.  


At CellSure, we offer parents the choice to donate their birthing tissue with our safe and easy enrollment and collection processes from 22 weeks of pregnancy up to 39 weeks. If you are interested in donating your birth tissue you can contact CellSure customer service by reaching our website at and/or calling our customer service line at (866) 646-6171. You can also reach us via e-mail at  


CellSure’s enrollment and collection processes are quick, easy, and safe for both mom and baby. We offer our services locally and nationally throughout the United States. We are not affiliated with any hospitals and our kits can be taken to any hospital or birthing center of choice.  


If you have made the amazing decision to be an organ donor and donate your birth tissue to help others you can start the enrollment process through the CellSure website. Simply log on and select donate today. You will be prompted to create an account with contact and delivery information. Once you have created an account you will begin the first step in the donor eligibility screening process by completing the pre-qualification questionnaire and a health history screening form. A maternal blood draw will be performed and sent off for communicable disease testing to also determine eligibility.  


The pre-qualification and health history screening will ask you questions about your social and medical history. To qualify you must live in the United States, be in good health, and be pregnant with no more than two babies. The screening process will ask you questions about drug and alcohol use, sexual history, travel, prescriptions, disease, and communicable diseases.  


Once you have completed and qualified through the screening process you will need to complete a consent form for the donation. A review of your enrollment will be performed and a CellSure representative will be in contact with you to discuss your enrollment status and go over your next steps in the process. At approximately 60 days from your due date, you will be sent a collection kit with collection instructions for your healthcare provider to perform the collection following the birth of your child. Once your birth tissue is collected and your blood has been drawn for communicable disease testing you will be responsible for contacting CellSure to arrange a pickup. CellSure will arrange for a medical courier to retrieve your tissue and send it to the CellSure location.  


The last step in the qualification process is a donor interaction follow-up which entails a CellSure representative reaching out and verifying the screening process is still accurate and up to date.  


Having a baby is a miraculous experience, but also being able to help others in need just as miraculous.