Collection Process

February 24, 2022

Kambree Blackner, Procurement Specialist

If you’re considering donating your birth tissue, you are probably wondering how it is collected and how it will work with your birth plan. When creating this program, we took many considerations from mothers like you. Our goal is to add to your birthing experience and keep the focus on what’s most important – you and your little one.  


Your healthcare provider will collect your birth tissue in minutes following delivery! It’s so simple, you won’t even know it happened. We provide an easy-to-follow instruction guide so that your healthcare provider will have everything they need to successfully collect your birth tissue. In five minutes or less they will triple bag the placenta, place the umbilical cord in a saline bottle, and transfer it all to the collection kit. That sounds easy enough, right?    


The second step to your donation is a maternal blood sample. It is just as simple and can be done any time after delivery. We need to test your blood to make sure the birth tissue is healthy and can be used to help others just like any other blood or organ donation. We provide all the materials in your kit for your provider to complete a successful blood draw. Once that’s done it will be placed in the kit with your tissue. 


The last step of your donation is provider paperwork that will be filled out by your healthcare team after delivery. It asks for some information about your delivery such as birth date, birth time, and baby’s weight. All the information we need to process a successful donation. 


Once that’s all done, your collection is complete! Just press the button on the lid of your kit to activate the cooling device and give us a call to let us know it’s ready for pick up. We will send a medical courier to your delivery facility to pick up the kit so there is no leaving your bed or your baby. 


If you have any questions, please give us a call. We would love to chat with you!