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For those who choose to store, we’ve made storage options affordable, giving you peace of mind. We store the cells you hope you’ll never need and keep them safe in case you do.

Your baby’s stem cells will be cryopreserved to sustain viability for many years to come. For $199 per year, you will have access to your valuable stem cells.

of Storing

For only $199 per year, your child’s stem cells from placental blood and tissue will be cryopreserved to sustain their viability for years to come.

You will have immediate access to your child’s stem cells should the need arise.

Your child’s stem cells can be used by your child and any first or second generation blood relative.

You will have peace of mind knowing your stem cells can help treat many medical conditions in your family.

You will receive a fashionable bracelet that links to your complimentary MyID account which stores your family’s health information securely for years to come. Learn more about MyID

Storage Comparison

This table compares the types of newborn stem cells stored by CellSure to the services of a dozen family cord blood banks that market nationally. Many cord blood banks claim to store stem cells from the cord tissue or placenta, but they are only storing little pieces of tissue and not extracted stem cells. There are very few banks that offer stem cell services comparable to CellSure, and none at a comparable price.

Information sourced from Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, 31 May 2019

Cord Blood Placental Blood Cells from
Cord Tissue
Cells from
CellSure *
Americord - - -
Alpha Cord - - -
CBR - - -
Cord for Life - - -
Cryo-Cell - - -
Evercord - - -
MAZE - -
MiracleCord - - -
NECBB - - -
StemCyte - - -
ViaCord - -

* CellSure does not separately collect and store blood from the umbilical cord. CellSure relies on the fact that a large portion of the baby’s blood remains in the placenta after birth. By processing the fetal side of the placenta to release stem cells, CellSure offers storage of the same stem cells that are in cord blood, as well as stem cells that are found in the placental tissue.


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