CellSure is a birth tissue stem cell storage and donation company, based in Utah. We aspire to make birth tissue stem cell storage accessible to every family. We use our experience and expertise to aid in pioneering next-generation medical innovations in life-changing stem cell therapies.

We are a low-profit limited liability company—or L3C—which is a special designation for companies that place a higher priority on achieving a social mission than on making profits. This provides you the confidence to know we put the wellbeing of people before profit. We treat each interaction as an opportunity to demonstrate this commitment. We treat each donation as a priceless gift of love and hope. We treat each storage with the care and expertise as if it were our own.


Enrich lives 


To empower expectant mothers to make an informed decision about their baby’s birth tissue stem cells.


Give birth to your precious baby. Give hope to someone in need. #GiveBirthGiveHope


Every day, billions of valuable birth tissue stem cells are discarded as medical waste. We offer expectant mothers the options to store or donate their baby’s birth tissue. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their baby’s stem cells are either available to them of needed, or that their baby’s stem cells are a priceless gift of hope so others can live longer healthier lives.

Corporate Information

Corporate Headquarters

Salt Lake City, Utah

Year Established



Low-profit Limited Liability (L3C)


A  Predictive Technology Group Company


Birth Tissue Procurement Organization

Code of Ethics


Mothers and their healthcare providers are not given incentives to donate or store.


Donations are only accepted from mothers and babies that pass the health history screening.


Birth tissue donations come from full-term deliveries, not abortions.


Donated tissues are tested to meet the highest standards.


Informed consent is obtained when mothers are not under the influence of anesthesia, drugs or in active labor.


Mothers are assigned a unique ID # that is traced through the entire process of enrollment, health history and collection.


We clearly communicate and explain to mothers how their donation could be used.


Donated birth tissue will only be sent to reputable biorepositories, research laboratories and manufacturers.


Parents can withdraw privately stored stem cells for any therapy performed by a licensed doctor.


Our storage facility complies with the highest standard of cryopreserving and redundancy.