Donate or Discard?

Your birth tissue can have two fates, one that provides a gift of hope and the other that ends up tossed away forever. 

By donating your birth tissue you can help improve the lives of patients suffering from life debilitating  conditions.  



Every day millions of valuable birth tissues are discarded as medical waste. Rather than throwing away these medical marvels, your donation could benefit someone in need and help treat a life-altering condition or disease.

Why Donate with CellSure?

Making donations effortless

The CellSure process is safe, and causes no pain or harm to the mother and baby. 

The donor registration process can be completed at anytime and at your pace. Unlike other organizations we can accept new donors up to 39 weeks of your pregnancy and from anywhere in the contiguous United States. 

We offer our donors a “set it and forget it” mentality to ensure the donation process does not interfere with your big day. 


Birth Tissue and Its Use

Birth tissue is used by researchers and scientists for developing new treatment options for diseases such as: Osteoarthritis, Diabetic Neuropathy, Lumbar Disc Degeneration, Crohns Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Graft vs Host Disease, Autism, and other hard to treat illnesses. 

Processed donated birth tissues are currently being used in wound care and surgical treatments. The beneficial properties from the placental membrane provide the ideal barrier to help treat and expedite the healing process for non healing wounds and surgical operations. 

Placental membranes have helped prevent thousands of unnecessary amputations and have given patients a treatment option that did not exist until a short time ago. 

Some of the birthing tissues are distributed to medical companies for use in current cell and tissue therapies.  

Cord Blood and Placenta Storage

If you have previously stored your birth tissue with us, rest assured, it will continue to be safely stored and the changes to our program will not affect your storage. If you have any questions or need to update your information, please reach out to us by email at customerservice@cellsure.com

About Us

Every day, billions of valuable birth tissues are discarded as medical waste. We offer expectant mothers the choice to donate their baby’s birth tissue which will help the lives of those struggling with debilitating conditions.

We are a low-profit limited liability company—or L3C—which is a special designation for companies that place a higher priority on achieving a social mission than on making profits. We treat each interaction as an opportunity to demonstrate this commitment.

Your family’s donation will provide a life changing gift of love and hope.